PHS 2018 Time Capsule

Capturing memories today for a look back in time at our first reunion


My Senior Project

For my senior project, I have created an online portal to gather memories of our high school years.  The time capsule will lock on graduation day and will not open until our five-year reunion, where we will show a glimpse of our past.

Please share your favorite photos and a message or a prediction of where you hope to be in five years.

Snapshots of Today

Show us your favorite photos from our high school years.  Include snapshots of the best of the four years we've had at PHS. Whether it was showing up for a football game, going to catch the school play or just hanging out with your friends on the weekend, you will want to remember your times as a high schooler!

Upload Your Photos

Message to Future Self

Tell us where you think you'll be in five years. Send a message to yourself or to the class where you think you'll be in the future.  Possibly a future job, mate, living location or anything else you want to include.

Write Your Message